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Tweet Teams

I have been trying to find new ways to promote my ebooks every single day.  For those of you that are already publishers, you know that actually offers to do a Tweet Team for you.  Supposedly this is a free service, but I would love to get my OWN Tweet Team together for publishers and authors (both print and digital).  Obviously getting your ebook out there is of the utmost importance!

You can write the greatest book in the entire universe but if people don’t know about it, well, nothing will come of it!  TBH tweet teams confuse me a little bit and the people that I have talked to that are or were involved in it say that it’s very time consuming.  I think we should be focusing on our books and equally focusing on marketing those books!  This is why I would love to start up a Tweet Team of my own where I can make up the guidelines and rules.

FYI: This would be completely free to join!

If you are a publisher or an author and you would like to join my Tweet Team, please PM me or contact me on my Facebook Fan Page!  Ultimately, I would love to get a team of 10-20 people together, but if I find that more people want to do it, I would gladly do it!