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Three New Books + New Site

I will have two new ebooks coming out pretty soon.  One is a marketing book and the other is my mystery!  I really can’t wait to unveil the mystery because THAT is what I want to do after all.  Just something fun and out of the ordinary.    My mom will also be presenting a book of her’s as well.  I’m not really sure what to categorize her book as, but I suppose fiction would be the best category.  Her ebook will be available on her website as well as mine and Amazon!

Also, I have changed web hosts so hopefully we have more up-time now and people can connect to the site more!  My other website had a more professional/plain feel to it.  I found it to be boring and instead of reflecting on Kristi Ambrose the person I felt that it reflected on Kristi Ambrose the CEO.  I’m not running a Marketing company anymore!  Frankly, I want MY site to show a little bit of ME.  I wanted to do something fun that sort of also was significant to me and my personality.  I really wanted to unveil this site when my mystery was done. But, oh well!

I hope you enjoy the website.  Everything is very neat and tidy, but also a lot of fun with some added flair!