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The Nine Of Hearts – The Warfighters Series: The 1st Special Forces Operations Detachment – Delta’s Razor Team is tasked with high-risk missions that regular units rarely undertake. When a death card is issued, Razor Team’s mission is to track down and capture the Nine of Hearts. What happens when a snatch- and- grab mission goes wrong? Will Razor Team come out with their lives? Or will one man turn into Razor Team’s only obsession?  Available on Amazon, Kobo, NookPress, GooglePlay, e-Junkie and  iTunes, Payhip.

*The purchase for the book to is unavailable right now.  Please use instead.

Amazon:  The book can be downloaded for your Kindle or to be read on almost any other device!  You can see a list of the devices that your Kindle book will work on here.

Kobo:  If you download The Nine Of Hearts via the Kobo link, this is specifically for Kobo Devices.

NookPress (coming soon):  You can read The Nine Of Hearts for Nook on Nook Devices as well as devices that use the Nook App.   The Nine Of Hearts will be available on as well as!

GooglePlay:  The Nine Of Hearts can be purchased on Google Play and Google Books and be read on any device with the Google Play Books app including Android and IOS.

e-Junkie:  e-Junkie will give you a PDF file.  Therefore, any place you can download and/or read PDFs will allow you to read The Nine Of Hearts.

iTunes/iBook:  If you have a MAC or any Apple product, you can download my book (coming soon) from the iTunes and iBook Store!

PayHip:  This site also gives you a PDF to download.