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If you are looking for Marketing and Business books written by Kristi Ambrose, this is the place for you!  These marketing and business books can help you rank your website better on the search engines, understand keywords and keyword research a little more, and can help you get started on social networking websites.


Deciphering Keyword Research The Easy Way: Keyword Research is one of most critical and yet confusing aspects of your internet marketing campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of people take a look at what keyword research is and they feel lost in an instance and usually give up right away. Bad choice! If you don’t do keyword research it’s going to be much harder for people to find your website.  Available on Amazon.


Protecting Your Website From Google Panda – Includes Google Friendly SEO Blue Print: Since the update of Google Panda and Penguin, it is now very hard to utilize the same methods you were utilizing before in order to rank your websites and your keywords. It can still be done, but you are going to have to change the way you look at the big picture of things and you are most likely going to have to work even harder than you did before these updates! This book teaches you how to optimize your website as well as rank your websites and keywords. Also included is my own Google friendly SEO Blue Print to use on your own website.  Available on Amazon.


The All In One Guide To Blogging: In a lot of cases, if you don’t have experience in the business end of blogging, you probably won’t make a successful living via blogs – enough to quit your day job anyway. A lot of people lack what is needed to make a professional blog work. This eBook also includes factors such as; Setting Up A WordPress Blog, Hosting Advice and Setting Up Hosting, Buying Domain Names and Transferring DNS, Making Money From Blogging.  For this eBook, I am going to try to expand your mind and help you to actually make money using your blog as a stream of income. Have it be your main stream or a secondary stream. Some of the things in this eBook may shock you and disappoint you, while others are going to make you feel renewed and excited at what is ahead.  Available on Amazon.


Market Yourself Successfully Using Social Networking Via Facebook:  In this book we will be talking about one of the major GODS of social network marketing – Facebook. Facebook is a whole other world than that of Twitter and there, and in my opinion there is a whole lot more to know, to learn and to do. That is also why this section is going to be a tad longer than Twitter as well.  Available on Amazon.


Market Yourself Successfully Using Social Networking Via Twitter: Using the Internet is a great way to market yourself, but you are also going to find billions of other people doing the same thing you are. So, how do you get yourself to be heard make sales and make money while still marketing yourself effortlessly? This first book is dedicated to giving you all the information you need to know about getting started with your Networking Campaign via Twitter. It includes everything from tools to keep your profile functional to how to design your Twitter profile so its brandable and everything else in between.  Available on Amazon.