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Protecting Your Website From Google Panda

If you are looking for a really specific book about the Panda Updates, I think you are really going to enjoy my book titled “Protecting Your Website From Google Panda.”  This book is really spectacular (though I am biased!) because I give you quite a few tips and information on how to keep your website from getting hurt by the Panda, but I also give you a really cool blue print to help you become your own SEO Expert.  This is information that I may have charged a LOT of money for in the past, as have other Marketing Experts, but not this time.  You can purchase this book either on my website or on at your leisure.  If you do purchase on Amazon, please make sure you leave a review!

Here are a few topics I cover in Protecting Your Website From Google Panda:

– Things You Need To Start Doing Today to let Google reward you with your marketing tactics instead of punishing you!

– Quality ways to gain backlinks

– Ways to create quality content

– A HUGE list of Social Sites to sign up with.  All of the ones I list are PR 3+.

– A List of THE BEST free and paid tools to check things like Page Rank, Keyword Related tools, HTML checker and encrypters, Feed Validators and much more!

– How to become your own SEO Expert blueprint – very easy to follow along with and I practically hold your hand while I show you how to go about this.

And much much more!  Definitely worth buying.