7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website!

Before I started writing books, I ran an Internet Marketing & Content Creation business.  I did so for over 8 years and I had a lot of fun with it.  Being in that business, I learned about a lot of ways to promote a website.  Some tactics are “no-brainers” whereas others are something you might not have thought about before.  Instead of turning this into an eBook for you to purchase, I thought I would just go ahead and place it on my blog for you to read.  Enjoy!


1- One of the easiest ways to promote ANY website is to simply place a little signature in your emails at the bottom.  Most all platforms allow this including MSN, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and CPANEL.  I have one for my Gmail:


Kristi Ambrose

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Positive thinking is expecting, talking and visualizing with certainty what you want to achieve, as an accomplished fact.


The positive thinking quote is more for me than for whom I am writing to haha.  If you do not know how to find the signature option in your email – leave a comment and I can walk you through it!


2- Forum signatures and profiles: Anytime I join a new forum, I always make sure I fill out my profile entirely and I also make sure that I fill out the signature.  Some forums make you post a minimum amount of posts before you can do the signature option.  But, in the case of a new forum, I find that it’s actually a good thing to introduce yourself and talk amongst your peers anyway, so this is not a big deal!


3- Business Cards: This has been and always will be a great way to get people to your website.  Make sure you have your name, business name (if there is one different than your name), your website url, your website where you can purchase your products, etc.  You can find a variety of websites online that offer really nice business cards for pretty cheap, but I really enjoy VistaPrint.com.  I think they have some of the best designs and offer some really nice customizations.


4- Start an email list or a newsletter:  Not only is this a good way to GET people to your website and get people talking about your website, but it’s also a superb (and legit) way to keep people at arm’s length for upcoming published books, giveaways and much more.  I prefer placing one right on my website and then when I need to send out a newsletter I simply go to the platform, create a newsletter and send it out.  Again, there are a variety of newsletter and email list platforms.  Some people really like Aweber.  I do/did not.  Instead, I use MailChimp!  But, use whatever you like and whatever fits your specific budget!


5- Use Articles:  Articles are still a good way to promote your website and get backlinks to your website.  I suggest using both a high and a low page rank for sites to submit to.  Too many HIGH page rank sites and Google will become suspicious.  Makes sense.


6- Link Exchanges:  It used to be that back in the day this was a super popular way to promote your website, and it still is, depending on how you use it.  One of the nice things about link exchanges is that money is usually not a problem because it’s a link exchange, all you are doing is putting your link on someone else’s website and they put your link on their website.  Plain and simple.  Pick websites that are relevant to whatever your website is about.  Relevancy is always a plus.


7- Blog Comments (legit!): If you can find a handful of blogs that you really like or are relevant to your website and you like what they have to say or want to share your opinion – post a comment!  Usually a blog will include an option for name, email address and website URL so be sure to include this in your comment as well.  Please do not spam!  This is one of the most annoying things.  Not only can it get you in a lot of trouble, but people tend to get annoyed with crappy content that makes no sense and instead of reading your comment, liking it, and visiting your page, they will instead skip right over it.

Darn Ribbon!

Finally!  About a week ago I found someone that had the exact typewriter I wanted and from the pictures it looked like it was in pretty good shape!  Upon sending payment and receiving it in the mail – I realized it is in AWESOME shape!  It’s the exact one I wanted, except mine has a black shift key and a black “ruler” on it.  But, it still is pretty sweet and makes me want to grin from ear to ear.  I honestly cannot wait to start typing on my new typewriter!

But, before all that, I really need to get the ribbon I purchased online to get to my house and then I need to actually install the ribbon.  I have never touched a manual typewriter let alone one this old.  Not really sure where to start but according to most people I talk to this is something you just have to monkey around with and see what all the buttons and mechanisms do!

To be honest, I don’t think I have been so excited in awhile.  It’s just a really fun (and very beautiful) piece of equipment and I can’t wait to actually hear the clickity clackity on the typewriter and have it be producing words.  I think this is really going to help inspire me to write my crime series and it’s going to really make it much more fun for me to get into character with my main character – Jake.  Yes, I am a female.  Jake is a male.  Male’s were predominantly in the working force back then in the 1950s so I only found it fitting to have a male rather than a female lead character.  That might seem a tad sexist, but I assure you I did it for good reasons!

Anyway, I can already see Jake typing away on this typewriter.  It’s a tad older than the year my story is in, but I think that should still be okay.

Crime Series #1: For book #1 of many (hopefully), I am at approx. 65 pages and  about 25,000 words.  Obviously this book is going to be about 70,000 words and 150+ pages long so I have quite a ways to go but I am working diligently to get it finished as well as a few other general marketing eBooks (as always).

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Tweet Teams

I have been trying to find new ways to promote my ebooks every single day.  For those of you that are already publishers, you know that http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/ actually offers to do a Tweet Team for you.  Supposedly this is a free service, but I would love to get my OWN Tweet Team together for publishers and authors (both print and digital).  Obviously getting your ebook out there is of the utmost importance!

You can write the greatest book in the entire universe but if people don’t know about it, well, nothing will come of it!  TBH http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/ tweet teams confuse me a little bit and the people that I have talked to that are or were involved in it say that it’s very time consuming.  I think we should be focusing on our books and equally focusing on marketing those books!  This is why I would love to start up a Tweet Team of my own where I can make up the guidelines and rules.

FYI: This would be completely free to join!

If you are a publisher or an author and you would like to join my Tweet Team, please PM me or contact me on my Facebook Fan Page!  Ultimately, I would love to get a team of 10-20 people together, but if I find that more people want to do it, I would gladly do it!


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Happy 2013! (Better Late Than Never!)

Sorry I have been out of the loop as of late!  I was a tad sick a few days before Christmas and it then carried over into the New Year!  But, I am feeling much better than I originally was, thank god!  Even though it was a rocky start, I hope that this year is a superb year and that I get to write and publish as many books as possible!

I am writing six books at the moment all of which involve my usual Internet Marketing, Content Creation and Money Making techniques and tactics.  Of course I am also still writing my Crime Mystery as well and I am spending most of my time on this book!  This book has become my “baby” and I truly enjoy every word, every sentence and every thought I put into the book.

I always loved to write, but I think when YOU write what YOU want to write and the ideas and creativity comes directly from your heart and your mind, that is when you really start to enjoy the words you put down on paper.  Hence why I really love this book and I hope that everyone else does as well!  Looking forward to getting it published!



I have been trying to write under my two aliases for quite awhile now and it seems like life always gets in the way of my writing!  Somehow, someway, someone always keeps me away from doing what I need to do!  So I decided recently that I would do a small goal everyday of a minimum of 1000 words with no maximum.  This way even if I have a super busy day I know that I still put in some effort to write something and if I have a slower day and happen to write more than 1000 – possibly 10,000 that I also put in some effort to write something!  I tend to get overwhelmed with projects and put too many projects on one darn plate lol.  So hopefully this goal will help keep me sane!

Before bed last night I re-wrote the one area I wanted to change and wrote my 1000 words.  In fact, I wrote 1,008.  I am writing again right now.  Probably can fit another 5k to 10k in today.  It’s pretty easy to do with a story like this because I get excited with every word I put down on “paper” and it’s simply so intriguing and fun!

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Crime/Mystery Series

I have had a lot of you guys message me on Facebook and comment on my old KAMCS YouTube videos curious about the new book coming out.  I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will tell you that unlike a lot of the other books available in this category – mine will not be set in the present nor the future.

My book is set in the 1950s.  I was born in 1981 so I don’t have a lot of experience with this era, however, from what I have seen from TV shows and moves like Naked City (still have not found the TV show!) I really think this would be a superb setting for a crime series.  I admittedly love the music and movies from that era as well.   I suppose I have my family and my mom to credit to my love for ALL types of music!  But, there is something really great about the music from that era and I just love it.  Not only that era, but earlier!

Originally I started my story with a murder happening and it was set in a specific manner at a specific time in the story.  But, while reading through it and watching a few different crime shows and movies, I decided to change the murder altogether to something else completely different.  I think it not only reads better this way, but it also gives you more of a chance to get to know my main Character; who he is, what he stands for, if he is or is not passionate about what he does, etc.  Because of this change I am a little backed up now, and so the book is going to be coming out a little later than I initially anticipated.

Beyond changing the story line, I have also changed my mind about my cover. I was dead set on a specific cover for my first installment – hell I even did a little draft of it, but after looking around I think I have found a few ideas I like a little more!

I started typing the story out on my laptop, and then for some crazy reason I became infatuated with this old typewriter I found.  Unfortunately they are either crazy expensive or it’s simply in poor condition.  I wanted the typewriter because A) It rocks.  I mean, it’s just beautiful, but also B) because I thought it would give me some more inspiration!  Take a gander (and if anyone knows of where I can buy one in great condition message me!):

Typewriter 1

Typewriter 2 

So so cool!  I love it!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me!  I really am having a lot of fun writing this first book and I hope that excitement sticks with me through the rest of the books as well!

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Good Morning!

I hope everyone has a great day today!  I plan on doing some marketing work for my eBooks and then off to write more of my crime series.  I’m really really excited about this book – I just hope everyone else likes it as well!  My main character is not a boring guy by any means.  A quarter of the way through the book you start to realize what type of a Detective he is, but more importantly you start to realize there is another part of him that he is hiding not only from the reader, but from the entire world as he knows it.  Only time will tell WHAT he is hiding – but I can tell you that it’s going to be a really cool story line.

Oh!  I also want to personally thank my friend Jim for helping me with a lot of my research for my book.  While this is fiction, I also wanted to make sure that I got a lot of my facts right so that if someone that is familiar with Detectives and the NYPD in this specific era that they wouldn’t read my book and be like “well, that’s not correct!”  I wanted to make sure I got aspects like clothes, weapons, tools of the trade, automobiles, etc. correct.  While a lot of this stuff can be found online, I found that my friend Jim had much more valuable and accurate information than any website online.

So thank you Jim for lending a helping hand!

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Three New Books + New Site

I will have two new ebooks coming out pretty soon.  One is a marketing book and the other is my mystery!  I really can’t wait to unveil the mystery because THAT is what I want to do after all.  Just something fun and out of the ordinary.    My mom will also be presenting a book of her’s as well.  I’m not really sure what to categorize her book as, but I suppose fiction would be the best category.  Her ebook will be available on her website as well as mine and Amazon!

Also, I have changed web hosts so hopefully we have more up-time now and people can connect to the site more!  My other kristiambrose.com website had a more professional/plain feel to it.  I found it to be boring and instead of reflecting on Kristi Ambrose the person I felt that it reflected on Kristi Ambrose the CEO.  I’m not running a Marketing company anymore!  Frankly, I want MY site to show a little bit of ME.  I wanted to do something fun that sort of also was significant to me and my personality.  I really wanted to unveil this site when my mystery was done. But, oh well!

I hope you enjoy the website.  Everything is very neat and tidy, but also a lot of fun with some added flair!

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Just A Reminder!

My eBook Protecting Your Website From Google Panda – Includes Google Friendly SEO Blue Print will be available for FREE on November 1st to November 2nd!  If you download this book and you find it to be really helpful, I would also suggest you check out my other Social Marketing eBooks as well.

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Market Yourself Successfully Using Social Networking Via Facebook: In this second book we will be talking about one of the major GODS of social network marketing – Facebook. Facebook is a whole other world than that of Twitter and there, and in my opinion there is a whole lot more to know, to learn and to do. That is also why this section is going to be a tad longer than Twitter as well.

Free eBook Promotion – Annie’s Awakening

If you want a spooky eBook to purchase JUST before Halloween – I have a really cool little story for you from my Aunt.  The eBook is called Annie’s Awakening.  The book titled Annie’s Awakening is a creepy and spooky book that entails ghost’s and other spooky figures. This book, created by my Aunt was a dream she had after her father died.

The house in which the story is based and where she had the dream – was one of the most haunted houses they had ever lived in. It has true aspects as well as dream aspects too! It’s a very short story, but it definitely has all the things you want in a scary story! Check it out on Amazon for FREE Oct 29th to Oct 30th!
FYI – In the future, this book will be made much longer with many more details! Be on the look out for it!