The Nine Of Hearts….

I am in the process right now of writing a new book in a completely different genre than I have published in before.  It’s a really fun project that is going to start at the first book being around 50,000 to 60,000 words long, with the addition of books in the very near future ie; a Series.  I expect the first book to be finished in about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.  Which should also be enough time for my Illustrator to finish the cover as well!  I am really excited about this book, not only because it’s something I have never published before, but just because it’s a fun genre to write about.  Be sure to keep in touch by joining my newsletter, liking my fan page or liking my Amazon Author page.  By the way!  This book is going to be published on a variety of platforms not just on Amazon.  This includes devices like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Scribd just to name a few.

Ill make a few updates along the way.  Back to writing I go…


Writing Websites For Writers!

I am one of the many people that procrastinates when it comes to my writing.  To be honest, I think its for the monetary reasons.  See, I was a writer for my own business many years ago and wrote many articles, blogs and descriptions.  But, the money was always up front.  I never had to wait for people to purchase the content.  The money was just… available.  Sadly, I have been running into this issue called impatience lol.  I am having a hard time writing books because the “prize” is not available right away.

Because of this, I wanted to find a way to give myself a prize.  I thought maybe a challenge of sorts would work.  No, its not money.  You can’t buy a car with a challenge, or pay bills with a challenge.  But, it does make you want to write and stop procrastinating!  I researched a lot of different websites you can write on, but I found only a few that really did what I needed it to do.  Here is a little list of writers websites for you to take a look at.

1-  I came upon this website while reading a post on the Writer’s Digest forum.  It is free…. for the first 30 days.  After those 30 days, you cannot use the site anymore?  I don’t know, I could not get anyone to answer me. They don’t tell you that you have to pay until you sign up.  Its $5 a month.  Which might not seem like much to someone like me.  But, other people on the site write to just write for fun, so $5 or $60 a year is a lot to them.  The challenges are pretty cool.  I signed up for the March challenge.  You have to write 750 words (or more) every day for a month.  The stats keep track of recently used words, how you were feeling during a specific post, average words per day/week/month/year, average words per minute, etc.  This is all very useful and fun to see change over the course of a month.  Support:  is absolutely horrendous.  It is actually sad because the site is so fantastic, but getting a hold of support is like pulling teeth.  I have been emailing them for over 2 weeks say I could pay my membership fees.  Still no reply.

2-  Another website I signed up with.  But, I use 750 words more often.  Penzu also allows you to write in a private space that only your eyes can see, just like 750words.  I have not paid for Penzu, but I guess there is a free option, as well as a paid option.  The paid option gives you more choices to customize your journal, but it is $19 a year.  Much cheaper than Penzu.  The biggest complaint that people have with Penzu is the font.  I guess its too small for some people to read and there is no way to actually make the font bigger.  Here are all the options you get with Penzu Pro.  I have used the free version a few times, and I see nothing really wrong with font size.  For the features for Pro I would definitely consider getting it considering there ARE so many options to choose from.  The only reason I have not upgraded yet, is because Penzu is geared more towards journaling and 750 words is geared more towards writers and authors.

3-  Supposedly this website is 100% free with no upgrades and no down grades.  I only signed up for an account a few weeks ago and have not used it yet.  The design is streamlined without a lot of bells and whistles, but sometimes that’s a good thing.  Some of the options are very similar to Penzu and 750words, but again, not a lot of bells and whistles.  Just a few extra options like exporting entries, searching within certain entries, private writing unless you want to share your entries, etc.

4- Then of course you have sites like LiveJournal and Xanga that are specifically for blogging or journaling, as well as Joomla and even WordPress.  You CAN make posts on WordPress 100% hidden or only available for certain people to read, like registered users, logged in users, etc.  But, I prefer to keep business separate from my feelings, thoughts, ideas and creative scribblings.  On the other hand, you could just create a WordPress website for your explicit thoughts and writings and just make everything private.  But, there are much cheaper ways, like LJ and Xanga – both of which I have used for years.  I prefer Xanga by the way!

Its a NEW Year….

Just like most anyone else, I have a few resolutions myself!  But, most of mine have to do with writing on a more consistent basis and having a more diligent schedule.  I am almost done writing the first Zombie book and the first Mystery Detective series.  TBH I guess I am a little nervous and that’s why I have been procrastinating!  Not necessarily for the zombie book, but for the Mystery Detective book.  But, you can’t get fans if you don’t put it out there.  I will be working on finishing these two this month, but I will also  be away from the computer Jan 11th to Jan 26th for some much needed time off.  But, as soon as I get back I will be writing again.

Another reason, beyond procrastination, that I have not been writing as much on my blog and in my books, is because I updated to the new Windows 8.1  It was supposed to be improved.  But, all it has done to my laptop is made things really bad.  I have to reboot about every 45 minutes and it just gets annoying!!!!

Anyway, no more excuses.  I will will will get these done and I am still working on my next cookbook as well.

If you have not done so already, please visit my Fan Page.  That is something you can always find me writing on and I almost always have facebook open to communicate.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year.

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New Cookbook Available!

When I first started writing books, I figured I would write what I know – which at the time, was marketing and business books.  But, there is another “trade” that I am quite familiar with and that is FOOD!  Not many people in my business life know that before getting into Business and Marketing, I actually went to school to be a Chef when I was 17 years old.  Many many years ago!  I did a partial internship in Florida and another in Pennsylvania.  I have also worked at a variety of restaurants in Florida as well as Pennsylvania.  When it came to my next few books, I wanted to do something really fun and exciting.  So I decided to do some cookbooks.  I have a series coming out and the first book is now available to you on Amazon.  For The Love of Eggs is designed for people (like me!) that love dishes with eggs as the main ingredient.

The series – For The Love Of, will have a lot more cookbooks coming out soon.  And they are not JUST egg books folks!  I will be covering an array of styles of cooking, various types of dishes, etc.  I really hope that everyone checks these books out and enjoys reading them as much as I liked writing them!  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, like my Fan Page and keep in touch on Twitter as well.  The more fans I get these next few months on Facebook, the quicker and more frequently I am going to start having some “contests.”  I would really love the first contest to have a winning prize for the Kindle Fire.  Obviously this is a sweet prize to win!  But, I would also love for as many people as possibly to be able to see my book digitally and in color.  Yes, the cookbooks will/do have pictures!  But, I may start out with something smaller just to get some buzz going.  If you want to win something cool, definitely check out the Facebook Page!


More New eBooks

It seems like I have had so much going on lately and so many ideas, I forget to keep my website updated – which I know is a big no-no!  Anyway, I am still here, writing away.  I am still trying to finish the first Mystery Book for my Mystery Series (having a hard time with the ending).  I am writing a Zombie book, which is my first so be gentle!  I just want to see if I can make it with the other big dogs in terms of writing about the living dead.  I came up with quite a few different story plots, but I decided to start with this one, because it seemed the easiest to write for me.


I am also doing some cookbooks, which really isn’t a big surprise to me!  I kind of knew that was going to happen eventually down the line.  These cookbooks are going to be about 100-300 pages long.  Not just recipes, but recipes, ideas, variations, information, resources, etc.  I really want to try and cover all the basics I can cover.  I am also going to be adding some pictures as well.  Full-color.  I think when you write something like a cookbook you have to think about when you read a cookbook.  What don’t you like?  What do you like?  What are some things you wish the author would have added, but did not?  Hopefully I can include everything that people want to see in a cookbook!


While I am only on my first cookbook this week,  I do plan on doing many many more in the month of September!

New Books Coming Soon

I am trying to shy away from the usual Marketing and Business books.  For one reason, they are damn boring.  I used to have a lot of fun learning new marketing strategies and such.  But, I am also reminded, every single time I go to write one, that I got out of the business for a reason.  It’s.. BORING!  Plus, I think it’s GOOD and HEALTHY to go outside of your comfort zone.  I have a lot of knowledge about marketing.  But, does that mean it should be something I spend my life writing?  I don’t think so!  I want to start writing stuff that I enjoy writing and you enjoy reading.  Hence the mystery series.

Right now I am on page 64 and 28,000 words.  Soon to be more.  I also want to start a zombie series and perhaps a few other options.  The non-business and marketing books are taking a tad longer for me to write.  I think any creative writer can agree that writing about something creatively is much harder and takes more time than to write something like Business or Marketing.  But, I am up for the challenge if you are up for the wait!  I just want to make these fun, interesting and I want my readers to really love the content!

Free, FREE, FREE! Ways to promote your website Via Social Marketing

While there are numerous ways to grow your audience on your website blog and gain leads and follows, nothing is more intense and works as well as Social Media. Sites like LinkedIn, YT, Twitter and Facebook give you the tools you need (for free) to get your site and your content in front of more people.  Here are a few ways to increase your blog and website traffic and to get more leads for your business or product.

1- Send your Blog content to social sites:  If you have a blog platform such as WordPress you have an array of plug-ins that allow you to actually publish a excerpt of your blog content with a link to your Social Profiles.  Its quick, easy and very simple for anyone to do.

2- Make sure you add plug ins that allow you to add Follow Me icons to your social profiles.  For WordPress, I absolutely love “Acurax Social Icons Options.”  This plug in allows you to add little icons to your homepage or any other page that people can click and then visit your social sites.  The icons are specific icons for that specific social site.  It’s very easy to set up and its free. 

3- Add your website to social profiles:  Make sure when you create a social profile for Twitter, Facebook or any other website that you include your description and your URL to your blog and or website.

4- Utilize Cross Profile Publishing:  I call this working smart, not hard.  Sites like Hoot Suite allow you to join for free and add up to five social media sites.  After doing this, you can go to Hoot Suites post place, make a post, add a link and shorten it, and publish it to ALL five social sites at once. 

5- Use Social Widgets:  A lot of the social sites like Facebook and Twitter offer social widgets to help promote your website/blog and give your content you add on your blog almost instant exposure. 

6- Add “sharing” plug ins to your blog:  This is different than option 2 above.  Adding a sharing plug in to your blog makes it so with every blog you publish it adds an icon to different social sites so your readers can share that specific blog url to their friends and other people.  Very important!  I have had good luck with WP Socializer.

All In One Guide To Blogging

Just finally finished my ebook.  Now I just have to wait for the editor to edit it and it should be published sometime next week.  When I sent it in it was approx 85 pages long, but that can always change of course once the editor is done with it.  I look forward to posting this on Amazon, as well as a few other sites like SmashWords and Kobo.


Blogging For Beginners – Continued

I wrote about 30 pages for my eBook for Blogging and then my computer crashed.  Gotta love technology!  Can’t live without it, can’t seem to rely on it!  Anyway, I had to rewrite those pages and I have been writing all this week.  Hopefully the eBook will be available soon and then I just have to wait on my eCover :o)

In the meantime, please like my Facebook Fanpage and check me out on Twitter to stay up to date.


Blogging For Beginners

It seems through the numerous emails I have received and the comments, as well as looking on Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, that a lot of people  are still confused about what a blog is, how to set one up, what you do with one after you set it up, etc.  Since this is such a familiar and easy topic for me – I have owned and set up around 100+ blogs for myself and others – I figured why not write a book about it.  In the next few weeks I am going to go ahead and put a little ebook guide together for everyone so that hopefully you can start to understand the basics about blogs and blogging as well as some more tech savvy procedures to set your blog up via WordPress.  I wanted to do WordPress because it’s what I am familiar with, but it’s also one of the most used platforms for websites and blogs.  Joomla is a close second, but again, I have more experience and knowledge with WordPress so I think this is a good option for a guide.

On another note, I am still working on my Crime Series and it’s coming along nicely.  I think some people just whiz by and write a book in a week, but this book is a little more intricate in the details so its taking me a little longer than usual.  Alas, it will be available eventually and hopefully all my hard work will pay off!

If you have any ideas or questions you think I should place in the WordPress Blogging ebook, let me know with a comment and I’ll be sure to include it in the ebook.

Hope everyone is well.  See you soon!