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New Books Coming Soon

I am trying to shy away from the usual Marketing and Business books.  For one reason, they are damn boring.  I used to have a lot of fun learning new marketing strategies and such.  But, I am also reminded, every single time I go to write one, that I got out of the business for a reason.  It’s.. BORING!  Plus, I think it’s GOOD and HEALTHY to go outside of your comfort zone.  I have a lot of knowledge about marketing.  But, does that mean it should be something I spend my life writing?  I don’t think so!  I want to start writing stuff that I enjoy writing and you enjoy reading.  Hence the mystery series.

Right now I am on page 64 and 28,000 words.  Soon to be more.  I also want to start a zombie series and perhaps a few other options.  The non-business and marketing books are taking a tad longer for me to write.  I think any creative writer can agree that writing about something creatively is much harder and takes more time than to write something like Business or Marketing.  But, I am up for the challenge if you are up for the wait!  I just want to make these fun, interesting and I want my readers to really love the content!