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More New eBooks

It seems like I have had so much going on lately and so many ideas, I forget to keep my website updated – which I know is a big no-no!  Anyway, I am still here, writing away.  I am still trying to finish the first Mystery Book for my Mystery Series (having a hard time with the ending).  I am writing a Zombie book, which is my first so be gentle!  I just want to see if I can make it with the other big dogs in terms of writing about the living dead.  I came up with quite a few different story plots, but I decided to start with this one, because it seemed the easiest to write for me.


I am also doing some cookbooks, which really isn’t a big surprise to me!  I kind of knew that was going to happen eventually down the line.  These cookbooks are going to be about 100-300 pages long.  Not just recipes, but recipes, ideas, variations, information, resources, etc.  I really want to try and cover all the basics I can cover.  I am also going to be adding some pictures as well.  Full-color.  I think when you write something like a cookbook you have to think about when you read a cookbook.  What don’t you like?  What do you like?  What are some things you wish the author would have added, but did not?  Hopefully I can include everything that people want to see in a cookbook!


While I am only on my first cookbook this week,  I do plan on doing many many more in the month of September!