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I have been trying to write under my two aliases for quite awhile now and it seems like life always gets in the way of my writing!  Somehow, someway, someone always keeps me away from doing what I need to do!  So I decided recently that I would do a small goal everyday of a minimum of 1000 words with no maximum.  This way even if I have a super busy day I know that I still put in some effort to write something and if I have a slower day and happen to write more than 1000 – possibly 10,000 that I also put in some effort to write something!  I tend to get overwhelmed with projects and put too many projects on one darn plate lol.  So hopefully this goal will help keep me sane!

Before bed last night I re-wrote the one area I wanted to change and wrote my 1000 words.  In fact, I wrote 1,008.  I am writing again right now.  Probably can fit another 5k to 10k in today.  It’s pretty easy to do with a story like this because I get excited with every word I put down on “paper” and it’s simply so intriguing and fun!