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Its a NEW Year….

Just like most anyone else, I have a few resolutions myself!  But, most of mine have to do with writing on a more consistent basis and having a more diligent schedule.  I am almost done writing the first Zombie book and the first Mystery Detective series.  TBH I guess I am a little nervous and that’s why I have been procrastinating!  Not necessarily for the zombie book, but for the Mystery Detective book.  But, you can’t get fans if you don’t put it out there.  I will be working on finishing these two this month, but I will also  be away from the computer Jan 11th to Jan 26th for some much needed time off.  But, as soon as I get back I will be writing again.

Another reason, beyond procrastination, that I have not been writing as much on my blog and in my books, is because I updated to the new Windows 8.1  It was supposed to be improved.  But, all it has done to my laptop is made things really bad.  I have to reboot about every 45 minutes and it just gets annoying!!!!

Anyway, no more excuses.  I will will will get these done and I am still working on my next cookbook as well.

If you have not done so already, please visit my Fan Page.  That is something you can always find me writing on and I almost always have facebook open to communicate.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year.