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Happy 2013! (Better Late Than Never!)

Sorry I have been out of the loop as of late!  I was a tad sick a few days before Christmas and it then carried over into the New Year!  But, I am feeling much better than I originally was, thank god!  Even though it was a rocky start, I hope that this year is a superb year and that I get to write and publish as many books as possible!

I am writing six books at the moment all of which involve my usual Internet Marketing, Content Creation and Money Making techniques and tactics.  Of course I am also still writing my Crime Mystery as well and I am spending most of my time on this book!  This book has become my “baby” and I truly enjoy every word, every sentence and every thought I put into the book.

I always loved to write, but I think when YOU write what YOU want to write and the ideas and creativity comes directly from your heart and your mind, that is when you really start to enjoy the words you put down on paper.  Hence why I really love this book and I hope that everyone else does as well!  Looking forward to getting it published!