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Free, FREE, FREE! Ways to promote your website Via Social Marketing

While there are numerous ways to grow your audience on your website blog and gain leads and follows, nothing is more intense and works as well as Social Media. Sites like LinkedIn, YT, Twitter and Facebook give you the tools you need (for free) to get your site and your content in front of more people.  Here are a few ways to increase your blog and website traffic and to get more leads for your business or product.

1- Send your Blog content to social sites:  If you have a blog platform such as WordPress you have an array of plug-ins that allow you to actually publish a excerpt of your blog content with a link to your Social Profiles.  Its quick, easy and very simple for anyone to do.

2- Make sure you add plug ins that allow you to add Follow Me icons to your social profiles.  For WordPress, I absolutely love “Acurax Social Icons Options.”  This plug in allows you to add little icons to your homepage or any other page that people can click and then visit your social sites.  The icons are specific icons for that specific social site.  It’s very easy to set up and its free. 

3- Add your website to social profiles:  Make sure when you create a social profile for Twitter, Facebook or any other website that you include your description and your URL to your blog and or website.

4- Utilize Cross Profile Publishing:  I call this working smart, not hard.  Sites like Hoot Suite allow you to join for free and add up to five social media sites.  After doing this, you can go to Hoot Suites post place, make a post, add a link and shorten it, and publish it to ALL five social sites at once. 

5- Use Social Widgets:  A lot of the social sites like Facebook and Twitter offer social widgets to help promote your website/blog and give your content you add on your blog almost instant exposure. 

6- Add “sharing” plug ins to your blog:  This is different than option 2 above.  Adding a sharing plug in to your blog makes it so with every blog you publish it adds an icon to different social sites so your readers can share that specific blog url to their friends and other people.  Very important!  I have had good luck with WP Socializer.