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Free eBook Promotion – Annie’s Awakening

If you want a spooky eBook to purchase JUST before Halloween – I have a really cool little story for you from my Aunt.  The eBook is called Annie’s Awakening.  The book titled Annie’s Awakening is a creepy and spooky book that entails ghost’s and other spooky figures. This book, created by my Aunt was a dream she had after her father died.

The house in which the story is based and where she had the dream – was one of the most haunted houses they had ever lived in. It has true aspects as well as dream aspects too! It’s a very short story, but it definitely has all the things you want in a scary story! Check it out on Amazon for FREE Oct 29th to Oct 30th!
FYI – In the future, this book will be made much longer with many more details! Be on the look out for it!