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Darn Ribbon!

Finally!  About a week ago I found someone that had the exact typewriter I wanted and from the pictures it looked like it was in pretty good shape!  Upon sending payment and receiving it in the mail – I realized it is in AWESOME shape!  It’s the exact one I wanted, except mine has a black shift key and a black “ruler” on it.  But, it still is pretty sweet and makes me want to grin from ear to ear.  I honestly cannot wait to start typing on my new typewriter!

But, before all that, I really need to get the ribbon I purchased online to get to my house and then I need to actually install the ribbon.  I have never touched a manual typewriter let alone one this old.  Not really sure where to start but according to most people I talk to this is something you just have to monkey around with and see what all the buttons and mechanisms do!

To be honest, I don’t think I have been so excited in awhile.  It’s just a really fun (and very beautiful) piece of equipment and I can’t wait to actually hear the clickity clackity on the typewriter and have it be producing words.  I think this is really going to help inspire me to write my crime series and it’s going to really make it much more fun for me to get into character with my main character – Jake.  Yes, I am a female.  Jake is a male.  Male’s were predominantly in the working force back then in the 1950s so I only found it fitting to have a male rather than a female lead character.  That might seem a tad sexist, but I assure you I did it for good reasons!

Anyway, I can already see Jake typing away on this typewriter.  It’s a tad older than the year my story is in, but I think that should still be okay.

Crime Series #1: For book #1 of many (hopefully), I am at approx. 65 pages and  about 25,000 words.  Obviously this book is going to be about 70,000 words and 150+ pages long so I have quite a ways to go but I am working diligently to get it finished as well as a few other general marketing eBooks (as always).