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Crime/Mystery Series

I have had a lot of you guys message me on Facebook and comment on my old KAMCS YouTube videos curious about the new book coming out.  I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will tell you that unlike a lot of the other books available in this category – mine will not be set in the present nor the future.

My book is set in the 1950s.  I was born in 1981 so I don’t have a lot of experience with this era, however, from what I have seen from TV shows and moves like Naked City (still have not found the TV show!) I really think this would be a superb setting for a crime series.  I admittedly love the music and movies from that era as well.   I suppose I have my family and my mom to credit to my love for ALL types of music!  But, there is something really great about the music from that era and I just love it.  Not only that era, but earlier!

Originally I started my story with a murder happening and it was set in a specific manner at a specific time in the story.  But, while reading through it and watching a few different crime shows and movies, I decided to change the murder altogether to something else completely different.  I think it not only reads better this way, but it also gives you more of a chance to get to know my main Character; who he is, what he stands for, if he is or is not passionate about what he does, etc.  Because of this change I am a little backed up now, and so the book is going to be coming out a little later than I initially anticipated.

Beyond changing the story line, I have also changed my mind about my cover. I was dead set on a specific cover for my first installment – hell I even did a little draft of it, but after looking around I think I have found a few ideas I like a little more!

I started typing the story out on my laptop, and then for some crazy reason I became infatuated with this old typewriter I found.  Unfortunately they are either crazy expensive or it’s simply in poor condition.  I wanted the typewriter because A) It rocks.  I mean, it’s just beautiful, but also B) because I thought it would give me some more inspiration!  Take a gander (and if anyone knows of where I can buy one in great condition message me!):

Typewriter 1

Typewriter 2 

So so cool!  I love it!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me!  I really am having a lot of fun writing this first book and I hope that excitement sticks with me through the rest of the books as well!