7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website!

Before I started writing books, I ran an Internet Marketing & Content Creation business.  I did so for over 8 years and I had a lot of fun with it.  Being in that business, I learned about a lot of ways to promote a website.  Some tactics are “no-brainers” whereas others are something you might not have thought about before.  Instead of turning this into an eBook for you to purchase, I thought I would just go ahead and place it on my blog for you to read.  Enjoy!


1- One of the easiest ways to promote ANY website is to simply place a little signature in your emails at the bottom.  Most all platforms allow this including MSN, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and CPANEL.  I have one for my Gmail:


Kristi Ambrose

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The positive thinking quote is more for me than for whom I am writing to haha.  If you do not know how to find the signature option in your email – leave a comment and I can walk you through it!


2- Forum signatures and profiles: Anytime I join a new forum, I always make sure I fill out my profile entirely and I also make sure that I fill out the signature.  Some forums make you post a minimum amount of posts before you can do the signature option.  But, in the case of a new forum, I find that it’s actually a good thing to introduce yourself and talk amongst your peers anyway, so this is not a big deal!


3- Business Cards: This has been and always will be a great way to get people to your website.  Make sure you have your name, business name (if there is one different than your name), your website url, your website where you can purchase your products, etc.  You can find a variety of websites online that offer really nice business cards for pretty cheap, but I really enjoy VistaPrint.com.  I think they have some of the best designs and offer some really nice customizations.


4- Start an email list or a newsletter:  Not only is this a good way to GET people to your website and get people talking about your website, but it’s also a superb (and legit) way to keep people at arm’s length for upcoming published books, giveaways and much more.  I prefer placing one right on my website and then when I need to send out a newsletter I simply go to the platform, create a newsletter and send it out.  Again, there are a variety of newsletter and email list platforms.  Some people really like Aweber.  I do/did not.  Instead, I use MailChimp!  But, use whatever you like and whatever fits your specific budget!


5- Use Articles:  Articles are still a good way to promote your website and get backlinks to your website.  I suggest using both a high and a low page rank for sites to submit to.  Too many HIGH page rank sites and Google will become suspicious.  Makes sense.


6- Link Exchanges:  It used to be that back in the day this was a super popular way to promote your website, and it still is, depending on how you use it.  One of the nice things about link exchanges is that money is usually not a problem because it’s a link exchange, all you are doing is putting your link on someone else’s website and they put your link on their website.  Plain and simple.  Pick websites that are relevant to whatever your website is about.  Relevancy is always a plus.


7- Blog Comments (legit!): If you can find a handful of blogs that you really like or are relevant to your website and you like what they have to say or want to share your opinion – post a comment!  Usually a blog will include an option for name, email address and website URL so be sure to include this in your comment as well.  Please do not spam!  This is one of the most annoying things.  Not only can it get you in a lot of trouble, but people tend to get annoyed with crappy content that makes no sense and instead of reading your comment, liking it, and visiting your page, they will instead skip right over it.

Happy 2013! (Better Late Than Never!)

Sorry I have been out of the loop as of late!  I was a tad sick a few days before Christmas and it then carried over into the New Year!  But, I am feeling much better than I originally was, thank god!  Even though it was a rocky start, I hope that this year is a superb year and that I get to write and publish as many books as possible!

I am writing six books at the moment all of which involve my usual Internet Marketing, Content Creation and Money Making techniques and tactics.  Of course I am also still writing my Crime Mystery as well and I am spending most of my time on this book!  This book has become my “baby” and I truly enjoy every word, every sentence and every thought I put into the book.

I always loved to write, but I think when YOU write what YOU want to write and the ideas and creativity comes directly from your heart and your mind, that is when you really start to enjoy the words you put down on paper.  Hence why I really love this book and I hope that everyone else does as well!  Looking forward to getting it published!


Just A Reminder!

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Deciphering Keyword Research The Easy Way: Keyword Research is one of most critical and yet confusing aspects of your internet marketing campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of people take a look at what keyword research is and they feel lost in an instance and usually give up right away. Bad choice! If you don’t do keyword research it’s going to be much harder for people to find your website.

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Market Yourself Successfully Using Social Networking Via Facebook: In this second book we will be talking about one of the major GODS of social network marketing – Facebook. Facebook is a whole other world than that of Twitter and there, and in my opinion there is a whole lot more to know, to learn and to do. That is also why this section is going to be a tad longer than Twitter as well.

Protecting Your Website From Google Panda

If you are looking for a really specific book about the Panda Updates, I think you are really going to enjoy my book titled “Protecting Your Website From Google Panda.”  This book is really spectacular (though I am biased!) because I give you quite a few tips and information on how to keep your website from getting hurt by the Panda, but I also give you a really cool blue print to help you become your own SEO Expert.  This is information that I may have charged a LOT of money for in the past, as have other Marketing Experts, but not this time.  You can purchase this book either on my website or on Amazon.com at your leisure.  If you do purchase on Amazon, please make sure you leave a review!

Here are a few topics I cover in Protecting Your Website From Google Panda:

– Things You Need To Start Doing Today to let Google reward you with your marketing tactics instead of punishing you!

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– Ways to create quality content

– A HUGE list of Social Sites to sign up with.  All of the ones I list are PR 3+.

– A List of THE BEST free and paid tools to check things like Page Rank, Keyword Related tools, HTML checker and encrypters, Feed Validators and much more!

– How to become your own SEO Expert blueprint – very easy to follow along with and I practically hold your hand while I show you how to go about this.

And much much more!  Definitely worth buying.

Another New Book – Deciphering Keyword Research The Easy Way

Another book has been added to the internet marketing section of my website – it will also be available on Amazon.com and a few other websites in the next few days.


“Keyword Research is one of most critical and yet confusing aspects of your internet marketing campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of people take a look at what keyword research is and they feel lost in an instance and usually give up right away. Bad choice! If you don’t do keyword research it’s going to be much harder for people to find your website.

I always tell people, you can have a fantastic design costing upwards to hundreds of thousands of dollars and a really superb product, but if you don’t have the correct keywords on your website or you don’t know what to write about on your blog or you don’t know how to get keywords to market your website successfully – you will fail. Mark my words.”