New Cookbook Available!

When I first started writing books, I figured I would write what I know – which at the time, was marketing and business books.  But, there is another “trade” that I am quite familiar with and that is FOOD!  Not many people in my business life know that before getting into Business and Marketing, I actually went to school to be a Chef when I was 17 years old.  Many many years ago!  I did a partial internship in Florida and another in Pennsylvania.  I have also worked at a variety of restaurants in Florida as well as Pennsylvania.  When it came to my next few books, I wanted to do something really fun and exciting.  So I decided to do some cookbooks.  I have a series coming out and the first book is now available to you on Amazon.  For The Love of Eggs is designed for people (like me!) that love dishes with eggs as the main ingredient.

The series – For The Love Of, will have a lot more cookbooks coming out soon.  And they are not JUST egg books folks!  I will be covering an array of styles of cooking, various types of dishes, etc.  I really hope that everyone checks these books out and enjoys reading them as much as I liked writing them!  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, like my Fan Page and keep in touch on Twitter as well.  The more fans I get these next few months on Facebook, the quicker and more frequently I am going to start having some “contests.”  I would really love the first contest to have a winning prize for the Kindle Fire.  Obviously this is a sweet prize to win!  But, I would also love for as many people as possibly to be able to see my book digitally and in color.  Yes, the cookbooks will/do have pictures!  But, I may start out with something smaller just to get some buzz going.  If you want to win something cool, definitely check out the Facebook Page!